Officer Bomb & Mine Clearence Group Royal Engineers

Officer Bomb & Mine Clearence Group Royal Engineers

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Defence, War & General Service Medal 1 clasp:  Bomb & Mine Clearence 1945-49 Lieutenant A.J.H. Short. Royal Engineer

Group Swing mounted for wear.

condition NEF

Anthony James Huron Short was born Hackney, London 6th June 1923. the 1939 register shows him as a student at Marlborough College Wiltshire Enlisted or was conscripted in to the Royal Engineers as Sapper No 19538471 10th July 1942 and joined the Office cadet Training unit in May 1943,  Commisioned  2nd Lieutenant. 13th August 1944 and Lieutenant 11th April 1948 Trained in Bomb and Mine disposal serving with no 10 Bomb disposal squadron 1945-48 later served with the Royal army education corp and finished his career as a squadron Leader in the royal Air Force