Worl War 2 North West Europe British Empiore Medal Group Royal Artille

Worl War 2 North West Europe British Empiore Medal Group Royal Artille

Code: 52006


A Second War ‘North West Europe’ B.E.M. group of eight awarded to Staff Sergeant C. W. Richardson, 149 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery

British Empire Medal, (Military) G.VI.R., 1st issue (1473324 S/Sgt. Charles W. Richardson. R.A.); 1939-45 Star; Africa Star; Italy Star; France and Germany Star; Defence and War Medals 1939-45; Efficiency Medal, G.VI.R., 1st issue, Territorial (1473324S. Sjt. C. W. Richardson. R.A.) this with two minor official corrections to naming, mounted as worn, 

Condition good very fine 


B.E.M. (Military) London Gazette 24 January 1946. The recommendation states:

‘W/S/Sjt. Charles William Richardson, 149 LAA Regt RA
This NCO has been the senior veh mech in a LAA Bty throughout the campaign in NW EUROPE. He has played an outstanding part in the organisation and maintenance of a WE of approx 50 vehs. His own example has been an inspiration to the other mechs, dvrs and all concerned with MT and his advice to & general supervision of the inexperienced has been invaluable.
S/Sjt Richardson’s Bty did not receive its REME sub-section until shortly before embarkation. As a result the responsibility for preparation of vehs incl waterproofing trg fell largely on S/Sjt Richardson. He carried out these duties with distinction.
In Sep 44 the guns of S/Sjt Richardson’s Bty were employed in a fd role with improvised gun laying eqpt. As weaknesses in this improvised eqpt became apparent S/Sjt Richardson was always the first to devise & execute the necessary modifications. Although this was outside the scope of his normal duty he often worked far into the night for days at a time until a satisfactory answer was produced.
Since Jan 45 this NCO has been handicapped by an injured arm which has often caused him great pain. He has always made light of this handicap and cheerfully continued with his work.
S/Sjt Richardson’s performance throughout has been an outstanding example of untiring devotion to duty in the face of all difficulties.’

Sold with Soldier’s Service Book and various official documents concerning service and award of B.E.M. and Efficiency Medal, together with original copy of L.G. announcing the B.E.M. and several photographs