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Naval General Service 1915-62, 1 clasp, Malaya

Naval General Service 1915-62, 1 clasp, Malaya (P/JX. 245504 W. C. Darling Ldg. Smn. R.N.),

Condition heavy contact marks, nearly very fine

Code: 50937

140.00 GBP

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Naval General Service 1915-62, 1 clasp, Palestine 1945-48

Naval General Service 1915-62, 1 clasp, Palestine 1945-48 (C/MX 803637 P. M. Mayne. E.M.1. R.N.),

Conditionvery fine

Code: 50936

175.00 GBP

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General Service Medal, 1915, with clasp “Canal Zone”. Royal Air Force

To : ACI LCT Dancer, RAF.

Condition – near mint.

In named box of issue with packet

Code: 50934

295.00 GBP

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1914 Star Royal Highlanders

1914 Star named 706 Pte J Shields R.Highrs. Served 1st Bn. Wounded 1915 and 1916. Surname crudely erased

Code: 50923

75.00 GBP

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Cpl.E.W.Fulker. R.Tank.C

India General Service 1908-35,
one bar, North West Frontier 1930-31 (7876958 Cpl.E.W.Fulker. R.Tank.C.).

Condition Very fine.

Confirmed on roll as serving with 8th Armoured Car Company R.T.C..

Sold with copied paperwork

Code: 50917

175.00 GBP

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Veterans Badge

Original Veterans badge

Condition Extremely Fine

Code: 50924

15.00 GBP

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Silver War Badge

Silver War Badge numbered B323482 awarded to 63288 Private Harry Kane. Yorkshire Regiment

Condition NEF

Code: 50925

30.00 GBP

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Naval General Service Medal Clasp Syria

Naval General Service Medal 1 Clasp Syria. Henry. K. Bamber. Purser.

Condition VF

Code: 50643


Private W. O’Keefe. Irish. Guards

1914-15 Star (4843. Pte. W. O’Keefe. Ir. Gds.) a somewhat later issue with the naming very lightly impressed,

Condition nearly very fine,

W. O’Keefe attested for the Irish Guards and served with them during the Great War on the Western Front from 23 November 1914. He deserted on 20 January 1917, and his 1914-15 Star was finally restored to him (alongside his newly-issued British War and Victory Medals) on 5 July 1947.

Sold with copied Medal Index Card

Code: 50852

95.00 GBP

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I.G.S. 1854 Liverpool Regiment

Indian General Service Medal 1854 1 Clasp Burma 1885-87 !021 Private. P. Hyland. 2ns Liverpool Regiment.

Condition NEF

Code: 50822

250.00 GBP

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