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Royal Humane Society Medal

Royal Humane Society Medal Ellis Owen Jones. 18th August 1908

Medal sold in Original box of issue

Condition EF

Code: 50715

395.00 GBP

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Queens Commendation for brave conduct emblems

Queens Commendation for brave conduct emblems

Emblems sold in original box of issue

Condition EF

Code: 50714

195.00 GBP

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General Service Medal Malaya R.E.M.E.

ER11 GSM Malaya 23503993 CFN K. Beever R.E.M.E.

Condition VF

Code: 50703

50.00 GBP

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General Service Medal Malay Peninsula

General Service Medal 1962-2007 ! Clasp Malay Peninsula 073603 W. Bramhall. AB. RN

Medal sold in original box of issue

Condition EF

Code: 50702

90.00 GBP

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G.S.M. Canal Zone. Cheshire Regiment.

General Service Medal 1 Clasp Canal Zone, 22684716 Private J. Adams. Cheshire Regiment

Condition EF

Code: 50211

295.00 GBP

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British War Medal Royal Engineers

British War Medal 266190 Sapper. J.C. Watham Royal Engineers

Condition NEF

Code: 50691

20.00 GBP

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Sutlej Campaign 1835-46 casualty Medal

Sutlej Medal "Moodkee" reverse i clasp: "Ferozeshuhur" 1982 private. George Worral 9th regiment.

George Worral served at "Moodkee" on the 18th December 1845 ( 3 killed and 50 wounded) and "Ferozeshar" on the 21st December (70 killed and 203 wounded) in this last action Pte Worral was badly wounded and sent to the hospital at "Ferozepors" His wounds proved fatal and he died from the effects on the 3rd March 1845

Condition NEF

Code: 50681

950.00 GBP

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Liverpool Shipwreck 1894

Liverpool Shipwreck 1894 Thomas Farrell for Gallant Service 30th March 1919

Medal sold in original case of issue bot with several edge nicks Hence VF

Code: 50679

425.00 GBP

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Liverpool Shipwreck 1839

Liverpool Shipwreck Medal 1839 Captain Issac Jones. S.S. Larchmore. For praiseworthy and Humane service 21/3/14

The Oddersjaa encountered terrific storms in the Bay of Biscay. Her bulwarks were broken the hatches damaged and all the masts were carried away whilst there were several feet of water in her hold. and the compass was rendered useless. In this pitiable condition signals were made and torches waved by the crew during an anxious night. A Cardiff steamer eventually with one of her boats took off the captains wife and three children,. :
later the Larchmore which also stood by rescued with tremendous difficulty in her lifeboats under the mate M Michael in a fearful sea The Captain and 16 of the crew who received the greatest kindness and hospitality from Captain Jones of the Larchmore. and the crew untill the arrived in Gibraltar.

Medal contained in original case of issue. NEF

Code: 50678

495.00 GBP

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Liverpool Shipwreck Swimming Medal

Liverpool Shipwreck Swimming Medal Ernest J Mercer Pupil in the Wallasey Grammer School For Proficiency Swimming Exercises with the object of saving life 11th June 1896

Condition NEF

Code: 50671

175.00 GBP

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