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1914 Star & Bar Trio East Lancashire Reg

1914 Star with Aug / Nov Clasp. (9508 Pte. t. Nuttall. 2/ E/Lancs.R.) British War & Victory Medals (9508 Sgt. t. Nuttall. 2/ E/Lancs.R.)
Condition NEF

Code: 50249

225.00 GBP

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1914 Star & Bar Trio Royal Marine Brigade.

1914 Star with Aug / Nov Bar. (25.S Driver. A.K. South. R.M. Brigade. ) British War & Victory Medals ( R.M.A. 25 -S- T.DR. A.K. South )

Condition NEF

Code: 50248

375.00 GBP

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1914 Star & Bar Trio Royal Field Artillery

1914 Star with Aug / Nov Clasp (66267 Gnr. J. Outhwaite. R.F.A. ) British War & Victory Medals (66267 Gnr. J. Outhwaite. R.F.A. )

Condition NEF

Sold with Copy MIC and

Code: 50247

175.00 GBP

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1914 Star Trio Rifle Brigade

1914 Star. (3583 Pte. R. Court 3/ Rif:Brig ) British War & Victory Medals (3583 Pte. R. Court Rif: Brig )

Condition NEF

Sold with Copy Papers

Code: 50246

270.00 GBP

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QSA / KSA Pair Liverpool Regiment.

Queens South Africa Medal 3 Clasps: Belfast, Laings Nek, Defence of Ladysmith. (4225 Pte. H. Hazelhurst L'Pool R.) Kings South Africa Medal SA 01 & SA 02 (4225 Corpl H. Hazelhurst. Lpool R.)

Condition VF

Code: 50244

295.00 GBP

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Victory Medal Army Service Corp

Victory Medal T4-160870 Driver. A. Mon. Army Service Corp

Condition VF

Code: 50240

15.00 GBP

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Five C Q M S J. Carlton. West Yorkshire Regiment.

1914 Star & Rosette ( 9542 C.Q.M.Sgt J. Carlton. 2/W.York.R.) British War & Victory Medals ( 9542 C.Sgt J. Carlton. 2/W.York.R.) Defence Medal, Long service & Good conduct Medal. ( 9542 C.Q.M.Sgt J. Carlton. 2/W.York.R.)

Condition Star Polished hence VF

Group sold with copy papers

Code: 50229

295.00 GBP

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Three Samuel Baxter 82nd Regiment,

Crimea Medal 1 clasp: Sebastopol Pte Samuel baxter 82nd Reg. Engraved in contemporary upright capitals,
Long Service and Good conduct medal Officially impressed 2308 Serjt Saml Baxter. 82nd Foot.
Turkish Crimea un-named.

Entitled to Indian Mutiny no clasp Medal

Group sold with copies of medal roll confirmation & Extensive research

Condition NEF

Code: 50235

485.00 GBP

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Crimea Medal Henry Lofts Heavy Brigade Charger

Crimea medal 3 clasps Inkermann, Balaklave, Sebastopol. 763 Pte Kenry Lofts. 1st Royal Dragoons.

Medal engraved in small neat contemporary upright capitals.

Sold with copy papers.

Condition VF

Code: 50236

685.00 GBP

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Crimea Medal Royal Artillery

Crimea Medal Clasps Alma & Sebastopol The last loose on ribbon Engraved in contemporary period upright capitals: Gnr & Dvr. Andrew Robinson. Ryl Artillery.

2443 Gnr / Dvr Andrew robinson 'B' Battery 8th Coy 3rd Bn Royal Artillery was wounded at the battle of Alma and had his medal presented to him personally by queen Victoria

Medal engrave in similar style to others that were presented by the Queen.

Condition VF

Sold with copy papers

Code: 50237


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