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George V1 Efficiency Medal and Three Football Medals Royal Welch Fusiliers

George V1 Efficiency Medal Bar Territorial (4190100 Fsr. W.E.R. Norris. R.Welch.Fus) 3 x Territorial Army Championship Medals 7th Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers Runners Up 1935 & winners 1937 &1938

Football Medals contained in original boxes of issue

Condition Efficiency Medal Extremely Fine Footbals Medals VF

Code: 50772

150.00 GBP

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1914 Star Trio & TFEM Northumberland Yeomanry.

1914 Star (2019 Sgt. J. McNair North'd Yeo) British War & Victory Medals ( Lieut J. Macnair) George V Territorial Force Efficiency Medal (2019 Sgt J. Macnair North'd Yeo)

Note Difference in spelling of surname from star to rest of medals

Condition EF

Code: 50770

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British War & Victory Medals Tank Corp

British War & Victory Medals 306492 Private. A.J. Woodgate Tank Corp

Sold with Copy Papers

Condition VF

Code: 50764

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Brothers Casualty Groups with 1st Day of the some 1914-15 Star Trio Welsh Regiment.

1914-15 Star Trio 1655 Private H.W. Conway Welsh Regiment.

Herbert Worsley Conway was Killed in action with the 9th Bn on the 1st July 1916 and with no known grave is commemorated on the Thiepval memorial the 9th battalion as part of the 19th division was in reserve on the 1st July 1916 and only suffered 8 Killed in Action so Very Rear to the battalion.

His Brother British War & Victory Medals to 20229 Private. L.A. Conway Royal Berkshire Regiment.
Louis Alfred Conway Died with the 2nd Battalion on the 28th July 1918. and is Buried in Rethel French National Cemetery With MIC Pair Only.
With Copied CWGC, Soldiers Died, and MIC'S
They were the sons of Robert William and Eliza Conway of Eastville, Bristol.

Condition Trio Extremely Fine Pair Good,Very Fine.

Code: 50763

995.00 GBP

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1st Day of the Somme Casualty Military Medal Devonshire Regiment

George V Military Medal 9261 Sgt. John Lurburam Gilliland. 2nd Devonshire Regiment.

Sgt Gilliland Died of Wounds France & Flanders 1st July 1916 Born & Enlisted Exmoiuth His name is included ib Solsiers killed onthe 1st day of the somme. by Ernest W Bell. page 47. Sergeant Gilliland's name is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial He is also entitled to a Mons Star Trio
London Gazette Posthumous awards of the Military Medal 19th February 1917 Pages 1759-1760

Condition A.E.F.

Sold with Research

Code: 50762

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Military Medal 4th Liverpool Regiment.

George V Military Medal 13873 Pte. T. Stephens. 4th Liverpool Regiment.

MM London Gazette 14th September 1916

Sold with MIC & LG Entry

Condition EF

Code: 50761

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1914 Star & Bar La Cateau POW Trio Somerset Light Infantry

1914 Star & Bar Trio 9545 L/Cpl A. Cross. Somerset Light Infantry

Albert Cross embarked for France 21st August 1914 and was taken Prisoner of war at Le Cateau on the 26th August 1914 he was held captive until he was repatriated and landed Hull on the 30th December 1918

Condition NEF

Group sold with research

Code: 50760

345.00 GBP

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WW1 Collection from Private. W.R. Smith. The Buffs. East Kent Regiment.

A Collection of 3 medals 1914-15 Star Trio named to 2911 Pte. W.R. Smith. A Dispatches leaf, his Field Wallet that has a bullet hole in it and the pictures that are inside it He carried it in his top pocket (Can be seen in his photo) Christian Soldiers Diary 1915 Also whats left of a plant wraped in a letter saying 'A little piece of home Mother. A hand drawn map of roads to Becordel - Becourt, Bray, Fricourt, Albert, Meaulte, dugout 11 H.Q. The bullet has gone through most of the photgraphs but not right through

A Field Compass , The Buffs Lapel Badge, Newspaper cutting of never give up hope and a letter in a frame in excellent condition The letter reads.

Pte W.R. Smith. 7th (s) Bn. The Buffs Reg East Kent.

I have read with great pleasure the report of your regimental commander and brigade commander regarding your gallant conduct and devotion to duty.in the field on the 1st July 1916 during the battle of the somme.

Signed Maxse Major General commanding 13th Division

He was mentioned in dispatches for his actions on the 1st July 1916

Condition of medals EF

Code: 50756

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British War, Victory & Indian General Service Norfolk Regiment

British War & Victory Medals (9658 Pte. H.J. Rix Norf. R.) Indian General Service Medal 1 Clasp Waziristan.1919-21 (5763594 Pte. H.J. Rix 2nd Bn. Norf R.)

Medals sold with copy MIC and Medal roll confirming Clasp.

Condition NEF

Code: 50755

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British War, Victory & 2 Bar Indian General Service West Surrey Regiment.

British War & Victory Medals ( G-67855 Pte. J.F. Lamb. The Queen's R.) Indian General Service Medal 2 Clasps Waziristan 1919-21 & Waziristan 1921-24 (6077831 Pte. J.F. Lamb 2nd Bn. The Queen's R.)

Sold with copy MIC and Medal Rolls confirming Clasps

Condition NEF

Code: 50754

250.00 GBP

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